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Times Tables Trainer Free
(Tafels oefenen keersommen)
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Times Tables Trainer FREE is an application that makes learning multiplication tables a little more entertaining. It is a themed application that encourages kids to learn multiplication tables and have fun at the same time.

Times Tables Trainer FREE is an incredibly well executed, yet easy-to-use program. Once the app installs it opens a basic interface. The main menu consists of a start button and a settings button. Once the start button has been pressed the game begins. Starting with level one, which covers all the one multiples, the application goes up to level 10. In order to pass a level you must solve all the multiplication problems for the corresponding level. Once a level is passed the next level is automatically available. The app is themed like a school chalkboard and stars are given as rewards for achievements, which adds to the overall experience.

Multiplication tables are one of the hardest things for a child to learn, and anything that brings some fun to the table while learning can be a very useful learning tool. Times Tables Trainer FREE is appropriate for all ages.

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